Our Commitment to Our People

At the heart of Royal Hospital are our employees who are the driving force behind our health care service excellence. They are united by the values we embrace and learning culture.

Self-motivated, results-oriented, and proven discretionary efforts, our employees are simply – remarkable people.

We believe that every person is key to the success of our services, and it is our collective energy that allows us to humbly serve our patients and provide them with the best care and service.



We are committed to supporting our employee’s wellbeing and safety in addition to providing them with the tools to enhance their careers.

We have initiated a number of projects (like Leadership training, Emotional Intelligence Training, Lean Management) to ensure that our people are equipped with the knowledge, skills and competencies that they need to give their best.

We promote a working environment that helps our employees maximize their talent and abilities.

Career Development Center

Our commitment to our people is to equip them with the knowledge and competencies to upskill their level and bridge the gaps.

We believe in internal promotion through competency assessment as the best way of developing and growing our employees and the health service.Hence, we initiated the Career Development Center to take care of our employees Career Development. We believe that this is our main source of talent and we developed specific programs to cater the specific needs and identify the interests and potential of our employees in order to offer them opportunities to handle projects and grow within the hospital.

We have designed a competency framework for the hospital, and specific competence profiles for the various specializations and jobs to assess the employees are working on designing their individual development plans and working closely with the career development center team members.

The career development center team members are also responsible for facilitating the Succession planning process to ensure sustainable quality performance and effective operation. The succession planning process has received enthusiastic support from top executives, and Directors have taken an active role in implementing the organization’s succession planning.

Professional Coaching

A message from the Coaching team “To all Royal Hospital employees we are pleased to serve you better, we are happy to let you know that the coaching team is here to help you grow, expand and achieve”.

As part of our commitment to our people, we have initiated a coaching team, who have undergone professional coaching training accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and their role is to help the employees discover, define, and move towards their desired goals; Encourage self-discovery, rather than hand down mandates; Provide guidance to generate strategies and solutions and Reinforce responsibility and accountability.


Our employees are the leaders of tomorrow and employees at all levels are leaders in their own way.

We have developed an in-house Leadership program led by elite professionals aimed at enhancing the performance of healthcare professionals and teams, transform employee satisfaction to deliver better outcomes and lead hospital improvement projects. The first edition of “RH Leadership 2020” program was a success, and the future plan is to continue and develop this leadership cycle in the coming editions.


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We are committed to providing an inclusive work environment that empowers all our employees without exception and value the diversity of our teams.


Social Welfare

A person’s greatness is measured by the extent that he works to care for other people, the Social Welfare was established at The Royal Hospital to create a meaningful and engaging culture; which aims to put forth its best efforts in coordination with private sector institutions to build a community partnership and establish a spirit of cooperation to get advancements in the healthcare system between the two sectors. This Social Welfare also provides support and assistance to both patients and health staff in the hospital.

In order to facilitate the needs according to the priority related to the patients, which should not have a negative impact on the success of the treatment process, as a kind gesture of appreciation and respect for the efforts of our cadres exerted to improve the health system, the Social Welfare celebrates honoring the hardworking employees.