Medical Social Service

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We are one of the pillars of health services at the Royal Hospital, as we represent the social window through which the efficiency of care services for patients is raised during their admission in the hospital, and care extends beyond the license, and this enhances the connection between the medical staff with the patient and his family members.


"Your support is our goal"

The most important works of the Medical Social Service Department at the Royal Hospital are as follows:
  • Study and research cases of patients who suffer from social and psychological problems
  • We provide social and psychological support, and this raises the morale of the patient
  • Psychological and social counseling for patients suffering from chronic diseases, so that the patient needs continuous health follow-up during his time and presence inside and outside the hospital, and this helps the social worker to form a good relationship with these patients
  • Follow-up of sick cases that need special devices, by facilitating the means for insolvent patients to obtain the special devices they need from institutions and charities in the community
  • Follow-up and study cases of acquired immunodeficiency patients, who suffer from low psychological and social status due to the disease and help them to accept the sick reality and facilitate their access to the social services they need, and this is what makes them practice life in a positive way and in a high morale
  • Follow-up of children of unknown parentage, where the social worker contributes to the follow-up of children of unknown parentage from the moment they arrive at the hospital until the moment they are handed over to the Ministry of Social Development
  • Follow up on cases of abused children, where the social worker works as a member of the Child Protection Committee and communicates with the child's family and the medical team to try to find out what are the causes of the abuse and how serious for the child
  • Studying the case of patients with kidney failure and kidney transplantation. The social worker at the Royal Hospital studies the social and psychological condition of the kidney failure patient and his donor to support everything related to his social and psychological condition
  • Communicate with government agencies, the private sector and NGOs in cases of illness that need social assistance and special devices
  • Cooperating with the College of Arts at Sultan Qaboos University to train sociology and social work students, in addition to graduates from other educational institutions