National Diabetes & Endocrine Center

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Have you been recently diagnosed with diabetes, do you want to understand the impact of long-term endocrine conditions on the quality of life of your loved ones, do you need advice or interested in getting information on how to deal with obesity?

Here at the National Diabetes and Endocrine Centre, we are staffed with specialized health care providers to look after you.

We serve as a centre of excellence providing patient-centred holistic care in diabetes and endocrine disorders through highly specialized multidisciplinary teams.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to lead the country in the treatment and prevention of diabetes and endocrine with international standards of care.

Our Mission

Serve as a center of excellence that provides patient centered holistic care in diabetes and endocrine disorders through highly specialized multidisciplinary teams, using efficient therapies and focusing on health promotion and life style modification.The center aims to enhance the practice via accredited education, training and scientific research



  • Adult Diabetes and Endocrine
  • Pediatric Diabetes, Obesity and Endocrine
  • Adult Obesity Medicine
  • Therapeutic Nutrition for Diabetes and Obesity
  • Nursing Diabetes Education

Scope of Services

  • Adult Metabolic and Endocrine outpatient clinic
  • Thyro-oncology and FNA cytology clinic
  • Adult Diabetes outpatient clinic
  • Insulin pump clinic
  • Adolescents Diabetes clinicAdult and Pediatric Obesity outpatient clinic
  • MultispecialtyCombined Clinics with (Diabetes in pregnancy - Lipid disorders – Bariatric surgery – Reproductive health)
  • Pediatric outpatient clinic (Endocrine, Diabetes and Obesity)
  • Bone Density and Osteoporosis management
  • Nursing Diabetes Education
  • Therapeutic Nutrition
  • Diabetic foot care
  • Diabetic Eye health
  • Psychological and behavioral Counseling
  • Health education
  • Endocrine and Diabetes Continuous Medical Education

Diabetic Educators

Diabetes Nurse Educator maximizes the use of interdisciplinary team resources to enable chronic disease management for patients with diabetes.

Diabetic Educator Nurse focuses on planning, coordinating and providing diabetes-related health promotional activities. She provides comprehensive diabetes education and care for patients with diabetes in clinic setting. Also, she conducts a thorough assessment of the patient, guides the patient in setting goals, collaboratively develops a basic plan for the patient and provides follow up and measurable outcome.


The diabetic foot clinic

It is a tertiary clinic that offers a multidisciplinary approach in managing diabetes related foot complications such as peripheral vascular disease, peripheral neuropathy, diabetic foot ulcers, foot deformities and lower limb musculoskeletal pathologies.

The clinic provides a number of services that includes but not limited to:

  • Diabetic foot assessment to evaluate and establish the risk of ulceration.
  • Education on diabetes related foot complications
  • Management of foot pathologies such as fungal infection and plantar fasciitis and the removal of callous and corns, etc
  • Therapeutic offloading devices to help manage diabetic foot ulcers and Charcot foot.
  • High risk foot management by podiatrists working hand in hand with wound nurses, vascular surgeons, and infectious disease.
  • Preventative care with an emphasis on education in foot care, footwear and trauma prevention.
  • Organizing and offering training courses in diabetic foot care.
  • Ingrown toenail surgery

Therapeutic Nutrition Unit

It provides full nutritional assessment, diagnosis, and advice on how to best meet the nutritional requirements of individual patients (adult and pediatric). Advice, education and written information are provided to patients regarding appropriate diet for conditions such as diabetes, obesityand some other nutritional endocrinology conditions and follow up for all patients as needed.

Conduct a variety of activities to increase awareness of nutrition and health in the community such as forum, workshops, gathering patients, and various nutrition-related presentations for both corporations and the surrounding communities. Participates in research or evaluation or audit projects within the field of nutrition and dietetics to enhance the practice of dietetic.

Participates in supervision, teaching (training) and mentoring processes with peers, students and colleagues.

Psychological counselling

Chronic Illnesses such as Diabetes, Obesity and Thyroid disorders have shown to have a significant effect on the psychosocial wellbeing of those who suffer from them.

Research has indicated the high levels of anxiety and depression experienced by patients with the aforementioned conditions amongst other comorbidities.

In this clinic, the aim is to provide psychological services along with health behaviour change and motivational interviewing interventions to help patients learn coping strategies, manage their neurotic symptoms, and develop of a sense of resiliency. They will also be taught skills and techniques to manage their stress and how to elicit positive behaviour change and live a healthier and fruitful life.

Nursing Health Education

Plan, coordinate and provide diabetes – related health promotion activities to patients. It performs nursing care in accordance with policies and procedure and provide individual assessment, planning and early intervention. It ensuresthe delivery of high standardnursing care and education to the patients and their families. It performs the assessment and monitoring of patients with acute complications (hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia), and work for its prevention and/or management.

Work with doctors to initiate insulin therapy, teach skills on insulin delivery, storage, timing, injection technique, site rotation and to recognize complications of insulin therapy. It provides close follow up on the management of patients with insulin pump and I-pro 2 devices.

Follow up on the patients receiving anti-diabetic medications regularly through clinic visits or virtually or via live chats in platforms such as (whatsapp) and adjust the treatment accordingly. It provides medical care and observation for day care diabetic patients as planned by doctors.