Public Relations & Patient Services

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The Department of Public Relations and Patient Services is one of the vital departments in the hospital, as it is a link between the hospital visitor and the rest of the departments of the hospital, both administrative and health.

The Public Relations and Patient Services Department includes:

  • Receives comments and suggestions from reviewers
  • Respond to customer inquiries
  • Look into the complaints with the specialists and find solutions
  • Coordination with various government institutions specialized in providing some services to the patients
  • The department is keen to monitor the challenges facing patients and health workers to seek innovative and creative solutions that contribute to improving the quality of service and health care delivered in the hospital
  • Receiving and following-up complaints received from the "Ministry of Health Contact Center", and communicating with hospital specialists to find solutions to complaints
  • Providing a supporting role for the events and conferences that are held at the Royal Hospital
  • Respond to customer inquiries
  • Communication with various government agencies
  • Coordination and media coverage of the hospital's various activities

The reception is the face of the hospital, where it oversees the organization of patient visits in cooperation with the Security and Guards Section, in addition to responding to patients’ inquiries.