Patient Experience

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Best practices

We aspire into providing an outstanding Patient Experience

The best practice approach aims to improve the overall patient experience, ensure the patient's well-being, and allow benchmarking of best practices among various services in the hospital.


There are various initiatives that were started or aimed to be done in order to improve the patient experience those include but are not limited to;

  • Noise reduction initiatives
  • Effective Medication information and communication
  • Quiet night / Quiet hours
  • Purposeful Two Hourly Rounds
  • No pass zones
  • Leadership round
  • Nursing leader round

Spiritual support service

We aim to support you and your loved ones going through tough times as well helping you in the recovery journey. At all times the patients, faith, religion, and beliefs are respected. The spiritual support is provided by asking the patients to know their preferences and the staff will do their best to meet the patients' needs, as much as possible.

Excellence in healthcare communication

Effective communication is the key to building trust and improving the overall patients' well-being. It has a positive impact on a patient's adherence to the treatment plans. We strive to create a culture of effective communication between health professionals and patients and their families.


Patient experience Tools and Measurements

To evaluate and improve your experience we do whatever it requires to gather information on what you or your loved ones really prefer. We want to learn what touchpoints really matter to you and how things can improve. Our ways to reach you include our hospital-based and service-specific surveys, our leadership round, the patient experience round, the patient-focused group meetings, and the activities of mapping the patient journey.

Patients stories

We listen and learn from our patients and their families reflecting on their experience and journey in The Royal Hospital.