Obstetrics & Gynecology

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Are you expecting your first baby? need a special pregnancy plan, or have a concern about your reproductive options?

At our hospital, you will find fully dedicated and highly qualified consultants and specialized nurses who will provide you and your family with the best obstetric and gynecology care.


Our Vision

Our vision coincide with Royal Hospital vision of Internationally recognized medical institution of excellence by 2030

Our Mission

Our mission coincide with Royal Hospital mission to deliver integrated highly specialized people centered care through continuous improvement and optimal patient experience which can be translated as below -

  • To improve health care for women through excellence and personalized care.
  • The department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is dedicated to

    - Serving the needs of our local community
    - Providing the highest quality of health care to patients and their families,
    - Expanding our knowledge through research,
    - Educating the next generation of health care professionals

Scope of Services

We do provide a wide range of maternity services to the people of Muscat Governorate and other peripheries regions, OBG department is the biggest over the sultanate that has developed reputation as a thriving and successful department achieving recognition at local and regional levels.

We are aiming at innovative, high performing department which continues to develop and grow at pace.

Furthermore, we aim to build healthier future for mothers and their families by providing high standards of care. we are cultivated to implement a vision that include both hospital and community services and empower our staff to deliver real benefits to patients and their carers.

The department provide a comprehensive 24/7 service, that target pregnant and women at birth bearing age and non-birth bearing age, our department is involved in providing training opportunities for all OBG specialist, OMSB residents and students, in addition we look forward to be involved in transformation program as part of our MOH vision.

OBG department work to provide efficient and sustainable service, encourage research and development in order to health and wealth in Oman.



The department is organized in to seven subspecialties:

  • Maternal Medicine & high risk Pregnancy
  • Diabetes and high risk pregnancy
  • Fetal Medicine
  • Reproductive Medicine and Endoscopic Surgery
  • Gynecological Oncology
  • Uro-Gynaecology
  • General Gynaecology

Maternal Medicine and High Risk Pregnancy

This division manages all pregnant women with medical disorders such as hypertension, cardiac diseases, sickle cell disease, systemic lupus Erythrmatosus (SLE), renal diseases, HIV, Neurological diseases, thyroid and hematological disorders. Patients are followed up closely, intervening and collaborating with the other medical specialties as and when required through joint multi-disciplinary clinics. Investigations are reviewed and fetal ultrasounds and growth scans are performed at each visit.

Their deliveries are carefully planned and they are monitored in intensive care unit or high dependency bed as appropriate Patients are managed by a multidisciplinary team in clinics held jointly with the Cardiologist, Rheumatologist and Hematologist. The women are counseled extensively about their illness and progress and a plan made for their delivery.

The division also manages high risk pregnancies requiring tertiary care and highly specialized skills like those with severe fetal growth restriction, recurrent pregnancy loss, previous obstetric problems, placenta praevia, accreta / percreta, previous multiple caesareans, pregnancy with uterine fibroids.

Diabetes and high risk pregnancy

The division manages pregnant women with gestational diabetes & preexisting diabetes mellitus and their complications. These patients are regularly followed up and given comprehensive antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care.

This division also manages high risk pregnancies requiring tertiary care and highly specialized skills as described above. Multidisciplinary team management is carried out in combined clinics with diabetologists and with the input of the dietician.

Fetal Medicine

The work undertaken by the division primarily focuses on the management of pregnancies with fetal congenital anomalies, severe growth or placental insufficiency, rhesus iso-immunization, multiple pregnancies & pregnancies with high risk of preterm delivery. Patients are referred here, typically if they have a previous or current fetal abnormality diagnosed during pregnancy.

Invasive diagnostic procedures such as amniocentesis, chorionic villous and fetal blood sampling are performed.

Therapeutic procedures including amnioreduction, intra uterine blood transfusion, and intrauterine shunt insertion are done. In addition, combined clinics with pediatric cardiologists for fetal echo, pediatric surgeons & genetic consultants are conducted on a regular basis.

Reproductive Medicine and Endoscopic Surgery

This division is dedicated to the management of women with subfertilty, adolescent gynecology problems and those who require endoscopic surgery.

In addition there is specialized clinic looking after patients with recurrent pregnancy loss.

Office hysteroscopy, Gynecology endocrine clinics and Menopause clinics are conducted in the outpatient department. A multidisciplinary reproductive endocrine clinic is conducted, along with endocrinologist, at the National Diabetic & Endocrine Centre.

Advanced endoscopic procedures such as laparoscopic hysterectomy, myomectomy and treatment and follow up of endometriosis, hysteroscopic myomectomy, uterine septum resection and endometrial resection are performed.

Gynecological Oncology

This unit is the only referral center for Gynecological Oncology cases in Oman. The unit manages all women with malignancies related to the reproductive system, in collaboration with the National Oncology Center.

Colposcopy and LLETZ procedures are performed under local anesthesia. Besides the inpatient and outpatient management of Gynecological cancers the team conducts an ovarian screening program for breast cancer patients. The Multidisciplinary team management is carried out along with the histopathologist & radiologist.

In Gynecological oncology unit, the surgeries are laparotomy and laparoscopic hysterectomy. Complete staging and debulking surgeries for ovarian and endometrial cancers. As well laparoscopic and laparotomy complete surgical staging with pelvic and paraaortic lymph nodal dissection performed for women who had their primary surgeries at the regional hospitals.


This Urogynecology unit is the first in the MOH hospitals. It was established in January 2020 and it provides inpatient and outpatient care for patients with pelvic floor prolapse and other pelvic floor disorders, female urinary incontinence, lower urinary tract symptoms and recurrent UTI. It also provides surgical management for female urogenital fistulas.

Referral Gynecology

All women with gynecological diseases referred from regional hospitals, primary, secondary care are provided outpatient and inpatient care. Major and minor surgeries are performed accordingly.

Uterine artery embolization as a non- surgical treatment option for fibroid uterus is performed the team collaborates with the interventional radiologist for symptomatic patients with large, multiple fibroids who wish to conserve their uterus or where surgery is likely to be difficult.

Early pregnancy clinics are conducted three times a week, where complications in early pregnancy are managed and cases are referred to specialty clinics or health centers as appropriate. All patients have an ultrasound and are provided explanations and counseling.

Obstetric & Gynae A&E

Obstetrics & Gynae A&E functioning 24 hours and review all emergency cases related to Obstetrics and Gynae. It is covered by 2 Consultants, 1 Sr Specialist, 1 Specialist and 2 Medical Officers.

Labour Ward

Labour ward functioning 24 hours and it is Consultant/ Midwife led service accepting and conducting deliveries mostly for high risk cases as well low risk cases. The Labour ward consists of Observation room with 4 beds for high risk cases and 14 labour rooms for patients coming in active labour. It is connected to Obstetric theatre and neonatal intensive care unit.

Each shift is covered by 10 midwives, 1 Obstetric Consultant, 1 Sr Specialist, 1 Specialist and 1 Medical Officer.

Obstetric OT

Emergency and Elective Obstetric OT which is functioning 24 hours for all emergency obstetric cases covered by 1 Obstetric Consultant, 1 Sr Specialist, 1 Specialist and 1 Medical Officer with an average Caesarian Section rate 25%. The elective Obstetric OT run five days per week with average of 5 caesarian per day.

Gynae OT

Gynae OT covers Gynae oncology cases on two days per week; Gynae Endoscopy one day per week; Urogyane surgery one day per week and General Gynae twice per month with average cases of 3 major cases per day. It is covered by 1 Gynae Consultant, 1 Sr Specialist, 1 Specialist and 1 Medical Officer.

Daycare OT

It is covered by one consultant, one Sr Specialist and one medical officer. It is for all minor daycare cases and it is done once weekly for alternative weeks.