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Training and development constitute one of The Royal Hospital's fundamental pillars.

We are therefore committed to delivering in a consistent manner high-quality professional development training to our healthcare professionals through properly devised education programs. We offer, throughout the year, a range of different learning and development interventions across multiple specialties.

Our available in-house resources offer a unique opportunity for sharing best practices and for ultimately enhancing the quality of healthcare in Oman.


The Department of Training and Studies strategy is aligned with the organization strategy which is made to support professional development and build capabilities across the organization, on time, and in a cost-effective manner. In addition, the training and development strategy enhance the organization's culture and encourage employees to live by company’s values. For the Royal Hospital, the Training and Studies Department functions supports the implementation of the hospital mission.

Training and Continuous Professional Development

The Training and Continuous Professional Development section creates, promotes, and fosters individual and organizational effectiveness by developing and offering a range of innovative and diverse programs in support of the organization’s commitment to employee development, partnerships, and organizational enrichment.

This mission can be accomplished by providing the following:

  • Provide quality, cost-effective training designed to increase individual and organizational productivity and enrichment.
  • Provide development opportunities that enhance knowledge, develop skills, and enrich the organization.
  • Create, promote, and foster an organizational environment that values development, diversity, and growth opportunities for all employees.
  • Provide individuals and the organization with the tools to respond effectively to customer needs as well as current and future demands for service.

The section provides customers with the following services:

  • Training Programs.
  • Orientation and Induction Program to newly recruited staff.
  • Professional Development Programs.
  • Customized Training for Departments and Community Partners
  • Support all Hospital departments and Committees.
  • Administration and Reporting of Mandated Programs.
  • Support of the Agile Organization Workforce Initiative.

The Medical Library of the Royal Hospital

It is one of the most important specialized libraries in the medical field in the Sultanate of Oman, as this library includes a big collection of medical books and journals as references for health care practitioners. There is also an archive collections in the library considered as valuable resources for researchers. The forefront clear vision that the library always follow is to reach the highest levels of health care in the Royal Hospital in particular, and other health institutions and centers in the Sultanate in general.

This is represented by providing different services:

  • Provide updated health information helps to make the right decisions in treatment plans.
  • Interlibrary loan: lending between local and abroad libraries in providing scientific information.
  • Providing researchers with scholarly articles, books and medical publications
  • Training the users in how to search in medical resources and websites
  • Training the users on the use of various references programs to documented their research.
  • Conducting targeted scientific seminars that are held according to the needs of the users.
  • Holding remote training workshops through electronic resource providers and publishers for hospital employees that aim in how to use these resources periodically.

Electronic resources are available at Royal Hospital e-library ( and MOH e-library ( The users can access these resources by username and password. If any user does not have access account, they can go to the website of the library and click register icon at opposite side of the hospital or MOH logo.

Notification will be sent to librarians regarding new registered users, and after confirming the user data, other notification will be sent to the users to confirm his/her registration by clicking the website and access through username (personal e-mail) and the password created by him/her. If the user already registered, he/she can click login to access and search the available resources. In case of forgotten password, click on forget password, and then enter your e-mail address and you will receive and e-mail to rest your password.

The electronic resources differ annually depending on statistical usage and it’s needed by healthcare staff.

Research section

Research and innovation has been identified as an area of importance in Oman vision 2040, which is a cornerstone for development. We are fortunate to host all medical specialties and several National centers which means large and diverse data considered as the fuel of research.

The section vision is to encourage and support all hospital staff to be engaged in high quality researches for a better population health, health system, patients care and employee career. While the section mission is to advance the Royal Hospital as a center of excellence, regionally and internationally in medical research under the umbrella of MOH.

All researches undertaken in Royal Hospital undergoes an ethical review from the Research Scientific Committee. All research proposals should be submitted through the MOH research website (


  • Develop and implement strategic training plan in research methods, data management and analysis, knowledge exchange and innovation Support researchers
  • Develop research strategy and required policies and guidelines to support research
  • Look for opportunities for funding of useful research projects
  • Establish national and international partnership to support research and build-up capacities within our institution that can help in development of population health.
  • Promote translation of research evidence into policies and guidelines to have a better impact on population health

Royal Hospital E-Learning Platform

E-learning involves the delivery of education through Information and Communication Technology; using a wide variety of instructional designs and formats. There is significant diversity in what constitutes E-learning; it can include multi-media, webinars, virtual patients, web-based tutorials, interactive online modules with embedded quizzes, and discussion boards.

Due to the rapid changes in all types of working environments, especially medical and healthcare environments, ongoing training is an expected part of meeting continuing professional development requirements for health professionals to support quality care and system improvement efforts. Therefore, much attention has been given to E-learning in order to provide better access to learning resources online, utilizing technology – regardless of learners’ geographical locations and timescale.

The Coronavirus pandemic has shaken the entire nation and the education & training sector is one of the worst hit during this impending crisis. To overcome this crisis, the Royal Hospital represented with Department of Training & Studies in liaison with Department Information Technology has taken initiatives on November 2020 and launched RH E-learning platform via MOODLE for all health care professionals of Royal Hospital.

The online platform offers a range of courses and training programs based on needs assessment. These courses and training programs are available for health care professionals and contain recorded online lectures, course contents, quizzes, online tests, and multimedia presentations to make them more interactive with recipients.

Registration at RH E-Learning platform is quite simple.

Health care professionals can simply access the web page or SCAN the QR Code below and register as a new user or for any courses by filling up the application form.

The applicants or users will receive a verification email that account has been created and immediately can access the web version at:

The RH E-learning platform offers free printable and downloadable course materials, documents, PDFs, etc. Moreover, after successful completion of the course and training program, health care professionals can evaluate the course and receive a free printable & downloadable certificate.

The Royal Hospital Training Center

The Royal Hospital Training Center (RHTC) is an internationally recognized Training Center accredited by the American Heart Association (AHA). The Center trains the health care providers who participate directly in the management of cardiorespiratory arrest and other cardiovascular emergencies. Also, the center provides resuscitation courses for non clinical staff and public to be a part of AHA family members as a life saver.

We Offer AHA Accredited Resuscitation Courses:

  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
  • Pediatric Emergency Assessment, Recognition and Stabilization (PEARS)
  • Heart Saver course (HS)

Clinical Attachment

Clinical Attachment is categorized as Short-Term Training for a period of 3 months maximum which can be extended accordingly which depends on the capacity of the Department involved. Applications should be sent via Al Barwa or e-mail to Once approved, an e-mail will be sent as an official reply which includes the department/ date of training/ Official Al Barwa number and a link for training registry.


  • If the applicant is/are un-affiliated/ unemployed / full pledged/ licensed Medical Doctors / Physicians (Professionals / Post-graduates): The applicant must contact and apply through the Directorate General of Specialized Medical Care (DGSMC), Ministry of Health (MOH)
  • If the applicant is/are Government /Private Doctors in Oman, Nurses, students, Pharmacist and other allied professionals, they are required to fulfill and submit below requirements


  • Letter of Application: Official/ Personal- It should be typed & addressed to the Director of the Department of Training & Studies, Royal Hospital. Personal letter of application is not applicable for Government /Private Doctors in Oman.


  • a) Candidates’ full name/s
  • b) Student ID No. / MOH Staff No. / Private Staff No. **(If applicable)
  • c) Current level / year **(If student)
  • d) Name of the specialty
  • e) Department/s requested
  • f) Duration of Attachment (from – to) **(Requested training dates may vary depending upon the department/s concerned.)
  • g) Objectives of Attachment / Training
  • h) Signature over printed name and contact details
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) - include objectives and a passport size picture
  • Supporting Documents that denotes your current status: Certificates / Univ. or College Transcripts of records / Certificates of employment, Bachelor’s Degree certificate, or MOH license / ID
  • IMMUNIZATION DECLARATION FORM (IDF) checklist for clinical attachments to be completed via a certified Hospital/ Clinic . A complete Immunization Declaration Form MUST include a signature and stamp of a Doctor from the certifying Hospital or Health Center or Other private Health Institutions and all Official blood test results and Vaccination Records to support the form. The IDF is also required for Physicians (Professionals / Post-graduates)


  • a. If International Students: Include a letter from the College / University as a requirement for the training and a clear passport copy.
  • b. For International students / Local expatriate students; it is their sole responsibility to apply for their insurance before joining the Royal Hospital.
  • c. For private employees requesting for training/attachment; A fee equivalent to: 90 OMR/week (Private Staff) will be paid as a training fee through a Ministry of Health, Oman Account which will be sent to you once the request has been approved. This instruction is as per Ministerial Qarar No. 76/2018


The Department of Training and Studies in the Royal Hospital is a focal point between hospital staff and general directorate of human resources for the following:

  • Half part of Scholarships
  • Seminars
  • Scholarships
  • External courses
  • Internal courses (in Arabic)

The process followed is as below:

  • The Department of Training and Studies receives annual announcement letters in different specialties from General Directorate of Human Resources Development.
  • Internally the training and studies department send the announcement letters to all the hospital departments with all the selection criteria mentioned in the scholarship announcements.
  • The applications of selected staffs will be presented to subcommittee of scholarship and training for approval and send it to the General Directorate of Human Resources Development.
  • For the final approval the training and studies department staff will follow the requests.
  • Also, the training and studies Department receives all requests for extension of scholarships and followed up till the final approval decision declaration.

Medical Photography

Medical Photography is considered as one of many key factors that contribute to the improvement of healthcare service. It is an important tool for educational purposes and scientific researches in a professional and confidential way.

Provided services:

  • Provide photographic coverage for the Operations Theaters as requested
  • Photography of medical equipment and devices
  • Provide photography service for medical and human resources departments
  • Montage of educational materials as required by medical staff
  • Coordination and cooperation with other departments' employees to provide the best possible services
  • Quality control of digital photos and publications
  • Maintain patient's confidentiality, privacy and dignity before, during and after photography sessions

Conferences & Seminars

The Training Sections plans, organizes, conduct national and international conferences and seminars.

CME Accreditation

The Training section is a focal point working in align with the Oman Medical Specialty Board in accrediting training programs.

CPC Workshop

There are several compelling ways that communication impacts the healthcare experience from the patient’s point of view, the care teams’ point of view as well as the organizational view.

Clinician-patient communication training has its impact on patients’ satisfaction, health care providers career satisfaction, self-confidence and better outcome for patients and their families, which was supported by evidence and literature.

We are honored in Royal Hospital to be the first healthcare organization in the Middle East to host this educational CME/CE activity and get the accreditation of the Institute for Healthcare Communication.

This CME/CE workshop was originally developed by the Institute for Healthcare Communication (IHC) through grants from Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corporation.

16 in-house healthcare providers in Royal Hospital received an intensive training from IHC sponsors to become accredited facilitators for the clinician-patient communication training workshops. This activity qualifies participants for 4 hours of category 1 CME which is awarded by IHC, who is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).

There are four objectives for this workshop:

  • Recognizing the inter-relationship between biomedical and communication tasks for effective clinical care.
  • Identifying four key communication tools and techniques essential to patient care.
  • Identifying (at least) three barriers to effective physician-patient communication.
  • Practicing key communication skills.

CME: The Institute for Healthcare Communication (IHC) takes responsibility for the content, quality, and scientific integrity of this CME/CE activity. IHC is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

Electronic Services



Registration request for RH E-Learning Site (MOODLE) - Click here